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Its Over (Sister AU) by ItsYeFriend17 Its Over (Sister AU) :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 1 3
Mature content
Determined Angel, Sweet Wolf (18+) :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 0 0
Guardian Diaries(Pg 2)(MyStreet FanFic)
Date: 5/6/18
Journal Holder: Jackson Samsun

Entry 2
The Raid
As i'm writing this i'm at the hotel we raided. we found the ones were supposed to take in, however they had escape plans. Everyone was separated yet they managed to slip from our grasp. I heard the helicopter spot Zane ro'meave yet they went after the guy in his 80s. Apparently his name is Rowan, one of Derek's agents. This is what i saw: i was transported to the hotel alongside Captain Toby, he said that were here to arrest everyone, not kill them, when once we were almost at the hotel i readied my rifle, checked the clip, checked my sidearm, my equipment, my Armour, and vest. I moved into the hotel, moved into the elevator and got ready to aim at a culprit. I saw a woman named Melissa push some of the escapees into the stairwell. My squad surrounded her, she surrendered and i went to get the cuffs on her, before i could Alex’s eyes went green
:iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 1 0
Guardian Diaries(Pg 3)(MyStreet FanFic)
Date: 5/6/18
Journal Holder: Jackson Samsun
Entry 3
Just In
So today i just lost Melissa, i tried to keep her blood and IV up but somebody sniped the cords when i wasn't looking, Goddamnit. And it's been getting hot recently so i started to roll up my sleeves. Y’know how US soldiers did that exact thing in the Vietnam war? Yeah i’m doing that now. No clue if anyone's picking up on it but i only leave them unfolded when the captains around. I mean it should take just a few soldiers to do it, then their battalion does that, then the whole army is doing it. I also heard that a few people just got their uniforms stolen, apparently while some guardians were showering someone stole uniforms, thankfully not weapons, but trust me when i say this, noone wants a whole civil war between us and the civilians, in fact were lucky the government isn’t involved in any of this, or thats to my knowledge. I think some guardians started talking about some ancient monk down at the ruins t
:iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 1 0
Jackson Samsun by ItsYeFriend17 Jackson Samsun :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 3 0 Alarina Smith BATIM by ItsYeFriend17 Alarina Smith BATIM :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 1 0
Guardian Diaries(A MyStreet FanFic)
Date: 5/5/18
Journal Holder: Jackson Samsun
Entry 1
Hello, my name is Jackson. I'm the owner of this journal. I'm writing my first entry. So i'm a recruit in the guardian forces. I was once a trainee now i'm a Private, specifically as a medic since i went to college to study physical and mental health so i also went to the Valley Forge Military Academy to qualify for my military role. in a little coincidence the person they are after(I believe he's named Aaron lycan) he went to that academy. Nonetheless my education landed me a Field Medic of all raids, they figured they needed medical personnel on scene in case any of our members got wounded which in our objective seemed unneeded but the captain said that they're capable of fighting in fact there are counted 5 Erase marks Werewolves. The captain has said that a male looking like like he's in his late 80s infiltrated starlight and was brought to "safety" by a blonde werewolf. Some soldiers went to the scene but were taken
:iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 0 0
Front Cover Of The Guardians Diary by ItsYeFriend17 Front Cover Of The Guardians Diary :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 2 0 Weapons From The Guardian Forces by ItsYeFriend17 Weapons From The Guardian Forces :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 5 0 Alaron Saves Nicey by ItsYeFriend17 Alaron Saves Nicey :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 1 3 BATIM Resistance Idea 2 (Barrier) by ItsYeFriend17 BATIM Resistance Idea 2 (Barrier) :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 0 0 BATIM Resistance Idea (1. front Gate) by ItsYeFriend17 BATIM Resistance Idea (1. front Gate) :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 1 0 Resistance Gear(Pt2) by ItsYeFriend17 Resistance Gear(Pt2) :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 2 0 Resistance Equipment by ItsYeFriend17 Resistance Equipment :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 1 0 Corporal Peter Hamster by ItsYeFriend17 Corporal Peter Hamster :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 2 2 Sammy Reborn by ItsYeFriend17 Sammy Reborn :iconitsyefriend17:ItsYeFriend17 1 0


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Mature content
Aarmau - Night in the Forest (NSFW) :iconproxycomics:ProxyComics 352 479
Allison x Alice by 9CentsChange Allison x Alice :icon9centschange:9CentsChange 185 114 Skylanders Villains: Freakshow Toons by Ezio1-3 Skylanders Villains: Freakshow Toons :iconezio1-3:Ezio1-3 14 2 Sky Hates Roombas 2: Conquered Roomba Boogaloo by TheNicePrincess Sky Hates Roombas 2: Conquered Roomba Boogaloo :icontheniceprincess:TheNicePrincess 7 10



Its Over (Sister AU)
So I Saw A Thanks From TheNicePrincess To Coreyxkenshin, And So I’m Calling This AU, The Sister AU

“The Premise Is Same Except The Player And Playtime Are Siblings And They Both Escape Together,”

Art By Me
Baldi’s By: God Who Knows

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Allison was finishing her rounds scavenging for tools, parts, and scraps of cloth and leather however she found lots of weapons and brought them back to base. She walked back to the giant door blocking everyone within the gate and everything outside. Allison knocks on the door and Bendy Wally opens a eye hole slot

“Password?” Wally asked

“Wally, you know who” Allison said

“Of coarse”

Wally closes the eye hole and opens the gate

“Thank you Wally”

“No problem ma’am”

Allison walks inside to her living quarters whilst Wally closes the gate and relatches it. She goes to the briefing room where Tom is pacing in front of a group of cadets and trainees, peptalking them all to working hard in training, Allison leans on a post Wait for him. A minute pass after Tom excuses the cadets back to the barracks then he goes over to Allison

“Good to see your back Allison” Thomas says

They both kiss and hug each other

“Yeah It was quite a adventure I had got us a lot of weapons”

“Very good, this’ll do us well, I’ll take it to the armory, ok I’ll be in our barracks, gonna get ready for the night”

“Alright Allison”

Thomas goes to the armory to store the weapons Allison had found. Allison goes to her private barracks and gets ready to go to sleep, she takes off her sword sheath and the belt with her radio, her dress she was wearing was removed by falling off her body and onto the wooden floor putting her into a vulnerable situation, she was wearing a very attractive lingerie however it was uncomfortable so she took the lingerie off, she was now nude with a nice slender body and she didn’t want to be caught in the nude so she went over to her dresser and got out a nightgown That was rusty white but still good to use. As she put it on it was quick so a strap on the side of her elbow slipped and the position reveals her nipple without her knowledge. She hangs her dress up in the dresser. Tom walks in just as Allison finished

“Hey Allison finished with everything?” Tom said as he walked in

“Yeah I am, just thinking” Allison said as she stood in front of the mirror

“Checking yourself out”

“No just.. thinking”

“About what?”

“Things, the future, if anyone new is coming down here, and us”

“Yeah kinda good to think about that yeah?” Tom goes behind Alice and hugs her from behind

“It’s just that.. are we gonna make it out? Are we going to live to make it out alive?”

“Allison, Allison don’t talk that nonsense. We’re still here, I even have just the thing to get that thought out.”

Tom then started to grind his crotch oh Allison’s ass. Allison was surprised and made a small moan, Tom continued doing it and Allison was softly moaning. Allison pushes Tom away

“Just wait sweetheart, I have something for you” Allison tampered with Tom’s overalls so they would fall off, exposing his underwear, Allison then pulled his underwear down revealing his cock Which was fully erect.

“You’ve been waiting Have you?”

“Yeah I have, that’s why I dry humped you”

“Hmm Come Closer” Allison said, seating herself on the bed

Tom came Closer and Allison started to jerk him off. Tom moaned as he was getting pleasure from the light strokes of Allison’s hand. Allison then started to put Tom’s flaccid cock in her mouth. Tom put a hand on Allison’s head as she softly pleasured Tom. Ensuing for a few minutes, Tom without warning cummed in Allison’s mouth. Allison struggled to keep the load that Tom had ejaculated into her mouth but she swallowed all she could. She cleaned up the dripping bits of the sticky liquid. Tom then moved her one non loose nightgown Strap To The side, showing off Allison’s Boobs Which were D cups. Tom then sits next to Allison, showing that he was still throbbing hard

“Rather impressive my big wolf. I think you’d like this”

Allison then takes off the entire nightgown, Allison was now fully naked. She crawled back onto the bed. Tom crawled closer to Allison in a horny manor. Allison then put Tom on his back, and then climbed on top of Tom, landing on his chest

“Before we get into this, would you like me to be in something sexy? Maybe a request for kink? Maybe a preferred sex position?”

Tom nodded and whispered the requests in Allison’s ear, Allison giggled and got up and went to the closet. She then put on see through crotchless panties and put them on. Tom was starting to get soft so he started to masterbate Whilst he watched Allison. She finally grabbed a dog collar and leash from the closet. She went over to Tom and put it on him, making sure he wasn’t getting choked, She then attached the leash on the collar, got on the bed, then got on her hands and knees. Pulling Tom towards her. Tom then mounted Allison, Putting his hands next to her, then he started to slowly slide his dick Into Her. Allison moaned with Tom. Tom then started to thrust slowly. She slightly tugged on the leash to make Tom’s mouth closer to her ears so she could hear him moan as he thrusted. Tom increased his speed. Now Allison was moaning loud, Tom’s hips hitting hers with every wet thrust. Tom then out of nowhere fell back. Taking Allison with him Allison just turned around and repositioned herself

“You wanted To end off like this did you?” Allison said seductively

“Yes, please” Tom moaned

“Ok, but I’m gonna call you,  my naughty wolf”

Allison And Tom smile at each other then Alice starts to move her body up and down, riding Tom’s cock. Allison moaned with every lift and drop, Tom was panting heavily. Allison was repeatedly moaning out he words

“That’s It, my naughty wolf”

She then increased speed making her plump ass slap on Tom’s thighs. Allison pulled on the Leash making Tom sit up so he could make out with her.

“Allison, I’m going to cum!” Tom said

“Do It Inside Me Boris, I Want It All!” Allison Shouted

Tom started to cum inside of Allison filling her vagina to the brim. Tom and Allison disconnected From each other, and both laid down nude, Cuddling.

“Tom?” Allison said

“Yes babe?” Tom replied

“Can we do this again tomorrow? Like stay in bed all day?”

“Of course babe, we’ll just call a lazy day and do this again”

Allison then reached out and started to rub Tom’s cock “Wanna have one more round?”

Tom nodded and pulled her close

“Give me a boob job~”

Allison then got close to Tom and put his cock in between her boobs, she then started to move them up and down, Tom panted in pleasure.
Allison then put her mouth over his throbbing member. Allison then stopped, and laid next to Tom

“Give me that wolf dick Tom” Allison whispered

Tom got up and hovered over Allison, positioning himself to slide his Member in. Allison softly moaned and put her arms and legs around Tom’s body, Tom then started to thrust into Allison, her moans started to become more and more louder, with her breath becoming more hot. This was a quickie however as Tom started to cum inside of Allison filling her up again. Allison fakes a pout but Tom knew she was faking and made out with her. The two finally fell asleep
Determined Angel, Sweet Wolf (18+)
(Hello, Everyone, Rather Looking For Lusty Readings And Or To Cringe. This Is Another Erotic-Fic On The New Hot Couple Of BATIM Allison(New Alice) And Thomas (New Boris). Now Warnings Ahead That This Is Intended For An Adult And Mature Audience, Read With Intent To Simply Read. Enjoy)
Well So Is MyStreet But I'm Just Gonna Put This Out There For Those Who Have Not Yet Known.  MyStreet Season 6 Is Going To Be On A Mid Season Hiatus And Along With That Guardian Diaries Is Also Post Poned Until the Upcoming Episode.. When The Series Will Return Is Unknown But I Am Eager To Se The Series Return
Well So Is MyStreet But I'm Just Gonna Put This Out There For Those Who Have Not Yet Known.  MyStreet Season 6 Is Going To Be On A Mid Season Hiatus And Along With That Guardian Diaries Is Also Post Poned Until the Upcoming Episode.. When The Series Will Return Is Unknown But I Am Eager To Se The Series Return


Ranen Kim
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Hi There. My Name Is Ranen Kim. I’m A Deviantart Critique And A Semi Artist. All I Know Is That I’ll Be Interacting With Anyone. I’m A Fan Of Undertale, Bendy And The Ink Machine, And Cuphead. And Many More Are To Come As I Go Along. I Hope To Improve My Art Skill And Fufill A Critical Purpose. Anyway Welcome To My Profile


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It wasn't Intended To Be Fan Art And Plus Its Not Mine Just A Colab Joke, I'm Not A Artist, Hell I Cant Draw As Good As Many Famous Artists, Try Me I'll Receive A F-
Felixthecatfan198 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017
Oh ok. I see you said that my friend Railfaneric’s Bendy fanart is shit despite the fact he is a rookie.
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Why Thank You
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